History of Panifcom

Be our guest and discover the wonderful bakery products of Panifcom Iasi and make no compromise when it comes of taste, ingredients, and freshness and, why not, when it comes of bread’s origins. Panifcom brings forth a family bread, a bread for our family, for the Iasi families.

Our story begins in 1905, when grandfather Mihail Holicov was on the largest battleship of the Potemkin Russian Empire. As the conditions on the ship were very hard to endure, the entire crew made of 750 people rebelled against the regime. Consequently, the ports were closed to them and after many unsuccessful attempts of reaching an agreement, they were declared traitors of the Russian Empire and they moored in the port of Constanţa.

Back then, Little Romania (Moldavia and Wallachia) – the country between empires – skilfully proved by attitude (there was no extradition convention with Russia) that it was a European country by accepting the refugees (not turning them in to the tzar).

Mihail Holicov eventually reached the domain of boyar Mișu Ștefănescu (Goiești – Iași) and found a job as a mechanic in the boyar’s mill. He started a family and stayed in Moldavia.

Inheriting the tradition with an impressive reputation in the milling field in 1924, Petru Holicov started from a small mill and managed to keep up with the times by developing in a dynamic rhythm and coming to manage several mills in Iaşi County.

The torch was passed on in 1994 to Ştefan Holicov, who has been financially supporting and managing what Panifcom is today, together with Liviu Balanici.

The three important activity branches of Panifcom are:

  • Cereal growing, reception and storing
  • Bakery products
  • Animal husbandry

All the 3 branches are tightly interconnected and have recorded high economic-financial performance, making the Panifcom brand well-Known and valued.

The fundamental steps in the durable development of the company are our values, which inspire and support us in consolidating our identity: integrity, honesty, respect and professionalism. From the very first steps, Panifcom Company was a successful story. The bread factory is equipped with modern and high-performance equipment, assuring the consumers that all end products are minutely verified by qualified personnel and reach the market in compliance with the requirements of the European standards.

No doubt the inhabitants of Iaşi County know and value us, which is why we enjoy the success of our products. By the care and creativity of our talented bakers, our company managed to enrich its portfolio of clients who are interested in consuming tasty and high quality products.

Panifcom Company harmoniously combines quality and tradition, offering bakery products made based on the autochthonous procedure – with fermented yeast – ennobled with the richest taste. Tradition says that from the flour of the first grains a cake was baked and given to the children, so that the wheat should be as pure as a child’s soul, which is an old ritual that modern times buried and that we try to rediscover.